We created an interactive tool that turns your event into an experience. The beauty of this concept is that it can, and should, be adapted to the needs of your company and your customers. Curious? Let's get started!

360° personalised

As the host of your own virtual event, you should design the whole experience to be tailored to your and your clients‘ needs.

With this you not only present your company in the best way possible but also reach out to your customers in a personalised manner that can only be achieved digitally. However, this project requires more than digitalising analogue methods and making a 3D trade show booth. What it takes to create a personal atmosphere and guarantee an emotion driven product, service and sales experience is a virtual wonder land. Through intuitive operability, proven technology and clear design, we open the doors to this world for you and your trade fair visitors. Let's have another look at the highlights of the interactive tool shown in the video!

Visitors customise their own booth

Trade show booths are filled with information, communication opportunities, and are the place where visitors get to know your company's products.

With our virtual trade show tool we bring a place to life that offers this kind of lively and interactive experience for you and your clients‘.

We don't just digitalise a trade fair stand and mimic an analogue trade fair setup online. We turn the visitor into a booth builder and let them design the ideal stand that meets their needs to the core. This is how it works: In the navigation bar, they select topics that they‘re interested in. Each chosen topic represents a module of the stand, meaning the booth is customised and built up according to the selection of the visitor.

Virtual tour

The online event tool allows visitors to decide whether they want to explore on their own or start a virtual tour. In either case, visitors can click on the stations of their choice and learn more about the respective topic. Lighting effects indicate where there is information to be discovered, while the menu bar allows further adjustments. In contrast to conventional 3D trade fair setups, the interactive menu items are the key to a virtual world of experience and enable trade fair visitors to understand product benefits clearly.

Digital world of experience

Whether videos, informative text, augmented reality or virtual reality: anything that's relevant or adds value can be added to the innovative virtual exhibition. Company employees can accompany the visitor as product experts – always available to answer questions or offer further support. This is where the potential of this tool becomes clear: In addition to its use as a virtual trade fair, it can also be put to good use in your company for product demonstrations, advising customers and maintaining relationships with contacts, as well as for training and sales purposes – a sustainable distribution tool through and through.

Lively fair feeling

With the virtual lobby we set up a place where conversations can happen organically as this is what creates an authentic and lively trade show flair. Make your virtual concierge accessible and ensure your guests are warmly welcomed, as you would if you were to meet physically. Have your experts and speakers available to chat and trigger conversations by having users interact with one another. The virtual lobby also helps to announce your agenda of upcoming live events, exclusive appointments and lets you pin supporting content to the feed. This way, our online event tool creates human proximity even over digital distances.

Well thought out and implemented this way, virtual events with modern exhibition booths can close the gap that cancelled events and an uncertain future have opened up. This way, the digitalisation of real events continues to bring customers and products, as well as people, together, even beyond the Corona crisis. Virtual events might not only be the most efficient alternative right now, but the new normal for your company.

Do you already have an exact idea of what your own virtual trade fair should look like? Let's make this idea come true together! Or have you already planned an innovative trade show booth, but were unable to build it due to Corona? Whatever scenario you're currently facing, we are happy to take on the trade fair design & develop the digital solution that is right for you and your target group.