Do you hear and read about virtual trade shows all the time, but can't really imagine what it might look like? We got you. Just read on to see an example of a virtual trade show.

Digital space of experience

Of course you want your customers to experience your products and brand virtually during a trade show. The great thing is: there are almost no limits for that with an online trade show. Whether you go for augmented or virtual reality, real time 3D content, gamification, configurators or videos and information text: interactive features invite your visitors to engage with your products and experience your values in a playful and entertaining way.

Personalized content

With a digital tool like orbiscopes you can provide individual content to each visitor based on their interests and needs. Further, you are able to adapt your content to changing needs with only a few clicks, create individual product experiences tailored to your customers' needs and deliver great value. This is the huge benefit of online trade shows and a tool like orbiscopes: No trade fair booth is that flexible! 

Everything at a glance

Truthbomb incoming: You don't need a 3D booth to present your products online. In a virtual world of experiences – imaging an entertaining, interactive and personalized content hub – with a clear user interface, visitors can find what they are looking for more easily and quickly. Event highlights such as upcoming live events, new products and recommendations can be captured in a structured user dashboard at a glance right from the start.

Personal atmosphere

Trade shows live from personal exchange. Therefore it's even more important to make this feeling tangible at an online trade show where you're not sharing physical space with your guests. Pamper your visitors with personalized invitations, assigned contact persons and personal consultation appointments via video call to create a personal atmosphere that makes you and your customers feel comfortable.

Now you have a better understanding of what an online trade show can look and feel like. How should a your virtual trade show look like? Let's find it out together!